Principal's Message

At our Senior Campus, Social Justice Captain Zoe Wilkinson led a team of students to organise and run activities that celebrated teamwork and communication. The focus was on having fun and making connections across year levels and friendship groups.


It is widely understood that adults play a significant role in shaping children's attitudes and behaviours. The way we talk about others, respond to offensive comments, include or exclude, stand by or take action, sends a strong message about who and what we value. In turn, the awareness and integrity of our young people in matters relating to tolerance and diversity, as evidenced in Friday's student-driven anti-bullying activities, adds value and energy to public discussion and signals that our future is in capable hands. 


Educating young people about the harmful effects of bullying and taking proactive and responsive steps to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all is a responsibility taken very seriously by Camperdown College. Our Bullying and Harassment Policy is due for review as part of the regular School Council cycle and changes are being made to ensure that the school's position and procedures are absolutely clear. 


The draft with changes will be included in the next big newsletter and I encourage families to read and discuss it over the school holidays. Feedback prior to the policy being finalised is strongly encouraged and can be written onto the hard copy or emailed to the College’s official email address. Consistent with our Camperdown College Mutual Accountabilities (attached), we can all take action to protect our Camperdown College’s positive culture.


Last Friday's devastating events in Christchurch, New Zealand, have served as a shocking illustration of intolerance and hatred-fuelled violence. Our young people are understandably confused and shaken by events that are utterly opposed to the values and practices that underpin our everyday operations and interactions here at school.


Through our Indonesian language program we are very fortunate to enjoy a sister-school relationship with SMPN 2 Leuwisadeng in West Java. The kindness and hospitality extended by our Muslim friends during our previous visits to the school profoundly affected all students and staff who were present. At Camperdown College we will continue to promote, model and live our values of respect, caring and responsibility, and celebrate the similarities that connect us all across time, culture and place.


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 21st March 2019

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