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From the Principal’s Desk…              

Last week I had the pleasure of touring all five sites of the Corangamite Trade Training Cluster with Corangamite Shire Mayor Jo Beard, Beyond the Bell Chair Jennine Creely and representatives from all CTTC schools. Training will commence in February next year, with student demand driving the programs in this first year of Cluster operation. Camperdown College students will join with students from other local schools to pursue studies in Building and Construction, Electro-technology, Engineering and Hospitality. The full suite will be again be offered in 2019, with Hairdressing (Salon Assistant) at the new Camperdown College facility among the offerings. These are exciting times for Corangamite students and our mayor's support and endorsement of the CTTC aims and achievements is appreciated by our Cluster schools.


Coming to school on time, every day, ready for learning is the single most important thing that a young person can do to set him or herself up for future success. Each year when we meet with our incoming Prep families we stress the importance of school and home working in partnership to develop strong attendance habits so that every child can achieve high levels of learning. This message is reinforced through our Camperdown College values, rituals and processes – all young people deserve access to the full benefits of an education, and these are most readily enjoyed when school attendance is the highest priority for students and families.


Our families’ understanding is highly valued and there have been examples again this week of parents supporting, requiring and escorting their children to come to school even when a day at home seems like an easier option. This is particularly appreciated when times are tough and an issue at school is looming as a reason for not attending. The example set by parents in engaging with the school to problem solve together is very powerful, helping to build the resilience, confidence and relationships that are so important for long term wellbeing.


In this newsletter you will see a new Camperdown College attendance policy in draft form, made available now for your feedback. The procedures within the policy will be implemented across both campuses from the commencement of the new school year, with five unexplained absences in a year triggering a formal referral and intervention process. The key principles, which reflect the Education Department’s attendance requirements and the legal obligations of parents, are that every absence from school requires an explanation, and explanations will only be approved if they meet the Department's strict criteria.


We will continue to provide support for students and families where attendance is a concern, but it is important that all members of the community understand their responsibilities as outlined within the policy. School Council welcomes your feedback and I welcome the opportunity to answer questions and clarify our mutual accountabilities. Please take the time to read and discuss the draft attendance policy with your child.


Ms Cherie Kilpatrick



Thursday 30th November 2017